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#013 Logistics During a Pandemic with “Betty” Benal Topuzlu, Director at UPS

August 17, 2020

Back in March, people started freaking out because of the global pandemic and things were flying off the shelf. Things may have been much worse and it really put our logistic and distribution channels under stress. UPS was ready for the challenge and was able to pivot quickly in order to make sure people, whether consumers or businesses, got the supplies they needed globally with minimal delay. Shark Bite Biz's host, David Strausser, interviews "Betty" Benal Topuzlu the Director of Business Development for UPS Supply Chain Solutions to talk about these pivots, UPS's digital transformation, and Betty's new non-profit organization, Trade Ambassadors, in this edition of Shark Bite Biz.

Visit Betty Topuzlu's Trade Ambassadors Non-Profit Organization here:

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